Sådan holder du en god vikingefest

Sådan holder du en god vikingefest

It can be really fun to party like the Vikings once did. So why not turn a good old-fashioned garden party into a Viking-themed party?

Read this article to get some good advice on how to hold a really good Viking party. Read here if it is of interest to you.

Grilled meat

If the party is to have a Viking theme, then it is also important that all parts of the party reflect this theme. That is, the food must also reflect that.

After all, the Vikings lived a little more primitively than we do today. It is therefore important not to serve any finer food, such as fois gras or caviar during the day.

However, it does not have to be too primitive either. With a weber q1000 gas grill , you can quickly get the flames going and grill some delicious meat. And with proper barbecue, it feels a bit like when the Vikings were there.

The disguise

We adults are rarely allowed to dress up. This is exactly why so many of us are happy to hold theme parties.

Insist that your guests troop up in costume for the party, so you can all feel a bit like Vikings when you are together. In this way, you and your guests also reflect the very theme of the evening and your surroundings. And then again, it’s just fun to see your friends and family members in a different kind of disguise than you’re used to seeing them.

Listen to Viking music

There is nothing like good music that can help set the right mood from a party. And if the theme for the garden party is ‘Vikings’, then it is quite obvious to hear some Viking music during the evening itself.

This requires a little bit of preparation on your part. Make sure you make some playlists well in advance of the party that you and your guests can listen to during the evening itself.

You will quickly discover that there are quite a few good bands out there that play Viking music. And there are actually many different genres too none for Viking music! That way you can find some suitable music, whether it should be in the background while you eat. Or whether it should be played later in the evening, when you are ready for everything, get loose on the dance floor.

How to hold a good Viking party
How to hold a good Viking party

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