Historisk har sport altid været en del af danskernes kultur

Historisk har sport altid været en del af danskernes kultur

If we look at the Danes throughout history, we have always been crazy about sports. Even at a time when there were no millions of dollars or exposure in television involved.

Started as play and entertainment

Virtually all sports have started out as games that were used as entertainment for parties and joyful events. Later, a competitive element began to emerge, where people began to compete over who was the fastest, strongest – yes, best for a given sport.

Today, fortunately, much more has been put into the system, and so many sports have been developed since the first ones saw the light of day many thousands of years ago. Today you can just go down to HC Andersen golf and sign up if you feel like it. You could not then.

More and more sports were invented

Not all sports are the same age. Running can probably be said to be one of the sports that saw the light of day first, after which sports began to emerge, where extra equipment such as balls, goals and courts had to be used.

It is not so often that new sports are invented these days, but it still happens every now and then. And then we must not forget the e-sport, which is really on the rise and which has only grown in one direction in the last few years.

Almost all Danes play or have played sports

In Denmark, we love playing sports. There are probably also good chances that you yourself have gone to some sport at some point in your life if you are not still going to a sport to this day.

It is healthy to play sports, and it is such a big part of the Danes’ culture that, among other things, it also fills a lot in the media and newspapers. You can not watch a news broadcast without the world of sports also just getting a place on the airwaves. Not to mention all the matches that are broadcast daily. There is no doubt that sport is something we also still have in our culture for many thousands of years.

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